Discovery questionnaire

1. Name:
2. What do you dislike about your home?
3. How long have you been thinking about renovating?
4. Do you have any of the following:
a. Any safety & health concerns (i.e. mold, trip hazards, cracks) Yes No
b. Inability or embarrassment to entertain guests Yes No
c. Any privacy issues Yes No
d. A feeling of isolation while in a certain part of your home Yes No
e. Concerns about being cramped or cluttered in certain areas? Yes No
f. Desire to renovate for a long time Yes No
g. Other reasons for renovating
5. What was your experience with renovations in the past like? Very Good
Not Good
6. Do you have a deadline to complete your project? Yes No
7. Are you planning to stay in the house during the reno? Yes No
8. Any concerns with pre-existing conditions & possible surprises? Yes No
9. Are you sensitive to dust or noise during renovations? Yes No
10. Are you overwhelmed with amount of different materials & options today?   Yes No
11. Do you trust your own design judgment? Yes No
12. Do you have any of the following:
a. clear and precise picture / vision of the end result? Yes No
b. the knowledge & time to manage subcontractors? Yes No
c. any difficulties visualizing what something will look like before it’s done? Yes No
d. any concerns about City Permits and Approvals? Yes No
e. a concern that your budget may not be sufficient? Yes No
13. Are there any other concerns about the process?

Thank You!