our process

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1. Phone Call. First step is to set up a specific time for a 20 min phone call. During the call we will ask each other questions to learn if what we do is a good fit for what you are looking for in a contractor. Either one of us can say that there is no reason or interest in moving forward together during this call. If, on the other hand we feel there is a good mutual fit between what we are each looking for and what the other is providing we will set up a meeting in person.

2. Consultation Meeting. We will meet on site for at least one hour to review scope of work, ideas, wishes and investment amount. We may decide during this meeting that Sosna is not the best fit for the project and that you should work with another company. On the other hand we may feel comfortable working together in which case you need to decide at the end of the meeting if it makes sense to proceed with one of the following: Quotation Review Meeting, Feasibility Study or Design Development (step 3, 4 or 5).

3. Quotation Review Meeting. If your project is simple enough that I could just go back to the Office and work up a quote then we will need to meet in person again to review our quotation/agreement in detail. If you authorize the agreement during this meeting and provide 5% retainer we will place your project in our Construction Schedule and set up a Pre-Construction Meeting.

4. Feasibility Study. If your project is complex on the other hand it may very well require a Feasibility study or Design developed before accurate pricing can be provided and construction begin. During this phase I would go back to my office and figure out what can be achieved for the investment amount that you are comfortable with or prepare realistic preliminary budget pricing. After this work is completed we would need to meet again to review the numbers and options. Typically I would present range numbers within 25% . The fee for this Service is $550. This service fee will be credited against the construction cost should you authorize us to do the work. At the end of this meeting we will need to decide if it makes sense to move forward with the Project Development (Design Stage).

5. Project Development (Design stage) is when Sosna production team, our in-house Designer, engineers and consultants will work with you to find an ideal match between investment amount and what you want to get. This service typically costs 3%-5% of the total investment amount and will be credited back should you hire us to do the construction work. At any stage during this process we both can cancel and your payment will be returned proportionally to the amount of work that has been performed up to the termination date.

6. Construction Proposal. Once the Design is completed and we know all details of the project we will produce an accurate fixed price quotation for the entire project and construction documents. During this step we will need to meet in person to review our quotation, construction agreement and payment schedule. If everything looks good and you are comfortable authorizing the agreement we will schedule the work once construction retainer is provided.

7. Pre-Construction Meeting. Approximately 2-3 weeks before project’ start date you will meet your Sosna Team where you will get to know your Project Leader and our Production Manager. We will thoroughly review the scope of work again and go over all logistics. We will fine tune final details and address any possible questions or concerns.

8. Construction Work. Sosna will perform the work according to the Design, scope, agreement and project time lines. We will keep you informed of all project stages during weekly Progress Update Conferences.

9. Post Construction Conference. Once the project is completed we will meet in person to review in detail how everything went, what you liked the most and the least about working with Sosna. Assuming that everything went well and you were happy with our work we would share our “ideal client” profile with you and ask if you know someone who’d fit the description.

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