our process

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1. Phone Call. First step is to set up a 20-minute phone call to learn if we are a good fit, and either one of us can say that there is no reason or interest in moving forward together. If, on the other hand, we feel there is a good mutual fit, we will set up a Discovery Meeting in person.

2. Discovery Meeting. This is an in-home meeting with our clients to review their ideas, wishes and investment amount they are comfortable with. If during this meeting we discover that there is a good match between what clients are looking for and what Sosna offers we will need to decide at the end of the meeting if it makes sense to proceed with an OPI Meeting or start Design and Pre-Construction planning.

3. OPI Meeting (Opinion of Probable Investment). This meeting takes place in our Office. Before this meeting we will prepare budget pricing for what can be achieved within our client’s investment amount. Our pricing is typically within 20%-30% range at this point. At the end of this meeting, we typically decide if it makes sense for us to part our ways or move forward with the Design and Pre-Construction Planning.

4. Design. This stage is designed to find an ideal match between our client’s investment amount and what they want to get. This stage, is comprised of 3 elements:

  • Design Layout & Selections. Our in-house Designer works with the client to develop the best possible Design Plan considering the budget and client’s requirements. Designer educates and guides our clients to help them select all Finishing materials & Fixtures.
  • Forensic House Inspection. Our Production Team (engineers, specialists and trades) will conduct inspections to discover obstacles that may affect Design elements and budget to avoid unpleasant surprises during construction.
  • Estimating & Scoping. Detailed drawings and a thorough scope of work with a comprehensive list of all materials are being developed during this phase. Quotes and estimates are being collected from vendors.

  • This service typically requires an investment of 3% to 5% of the preliminary budget, which will be credited against the construction cost should our clients authorize us to do the work.

    5. Renovation Agreement. Once we figured out all details of the project, we will meet to review our accurate fixed price quotation, Renovation Agreement, Construction and Payment Schedules. If everything looks good and our clients are comfortable authorizing the Agreement, we will schedule the work.

    6. Pre-Construction Meeting. Approximately 2-3 weeks before construction starts, our clients meet a Project Manager assigned to their project. Scope of Work and logistics are thoroughly reviewed and discussed during this meeting. Final details are fine-tuned and questions or concerns are addressed.

    7. Construction. Each of our projects has a dedicated supervisor, a person who is assigned to the project and has no other jobs to go to until the end. Even though we do employ some specialty subcontractors, most of the work is done in-house, by our employees. They are highly trained, licensed and experienced tradespeople that have been with us for years. They take pride in what they do. They take their time to do the work properly without cutting corners. They do not have an incentive to finish sooner and run to another job.

    8. PDI Meeting (Pre-Delivery Inspection). A week or so before the project completion our supervisor invites our clients to review our work. They walk around the renovated area and thoroughly review everything in great detail. Any possible deficiencies or outstanding items get noted and entered into our management system.

    9. Final Walkthrough. Once the work is finished, our Design, Sales & Production team will meet our clients to review our work and celebrate. This is when our work gets officially completed and our warranty starts.

    10. Warranty & Support. We provide a 2-year warranty on all our labor and materials. All warranty requests are addressed within 2 business days, unless they are urgent. Every service call is an opportunity for us to remind our clients what a smart decision it was to hire Sosna. We hope that our clients would spread the word about us in return. That’s why Warranty work is an investment for us, not an expense. We value each & every client we have ever had and consider them to be clients for life. We know how hard it is to find a reliable contractor to do a small job around the house. We will help them with any project or service in the future, not matter how big or small and give them preference in our schedule.