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Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling Company Servicing Toronto & GTA

Home Renovation & Remodeling Company
Servicing Toronto & GTA

We specialize in full home renovations that solve outdated designs and impractical layouts. Our team of award-winning designers, skilled tradesmen, and dedicated project managers, guarantees a stress-free renovation experience. Clients choose us for our reputation, high-quality craftsmanship, rigorous attention to detail, and timely execution. They appreciate that we are a one-stop shop and that they do not need to work with anyone else. Trust our team to transform your home into a rejuvenating space that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Awards & Recognition:

  • 2023 Quality Business Awards Best Home Renovations in Vaughan
  • 10x Winner Best of Houzz
  • 3x Winner Best of Homestars
  • 2022 Canadian Home Builders Association National Awards for Housing Excellence Finalist
  • 2019 Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence
  • 2018 NKBA Finalist - Best Bathroom Award 
  • 2x Top Choice Renovation Company Award Winner

Home Renovation Process: Step-By-Step

At Sosna, we adhere to a strict and detailed process to ensure a stress-free experience for our clients. Our approach eliminates construction delays, surprises, and price creeps.

Renovating Your Entire Home the Sosna Way

In the initial consultation, we determine if we are the right fit for each other. Our team visits your home to review its current condition. We will then discuss your vision, objectives, specific expectations, and financial guidelines for your full home transformation. Based on these discussions and our expertise, we will provide you with a preliminary cost estimate. This first meeting is crucial to lay the foundation for ensuring the success of your full home renovation and for establishing a strong working relationship.

Want to learn more about each individual step? Visit our dedicated Our Process page.

During the design phase of a full home renovation, we will match you with an in-house designer who will prepare detailed work scope and drawings for your dream home renovation. We will conduct a comprehensive house inspection to preemptively identify potential obstacles, ensuring a smooth construction process. 

Our team prides ourselves on maintaining close collaboration with you throughout the design phase. We promise to deliver you a perfect balance between design and budget.

Want to learn more about this process? Visit our dedicated Design Steps page.

Once the design is finalized, we will provide a renovation agreement that includes a fixed price quote, a comprehensive and detailed scope of work, payment and construction schedules. Our team is committed to providing unparalleled quality and value, and collaborating with you to ensure the project remains aligned with your budget. The quote we offer encompasses all project specifics and will not increase throughout the home renovation process. That is our promise to you.  Want to learn more about each individual step? Visit our dedicated Our Process page.

A dedicated project manager will oversee the entire home remodeling project. You will also have an on-site supervisor to ensure the construction advances smoothly and on schedule. We prioritize limiting disruption to your daily life and sustaining a clean, safe working environment. 

We extend continuous support throughout the project and beyond, complete with daily briefings from the project manager and a 2-year warranty covering labor and materials. Once the renovation is finished, you’ll find yourself enchanted by your beautifully revitalized home, falling in love with it as if for the first time.

Want to learn more about each individual step? Visit our dedicated Our Process page.

Before and After Home Renovation Projects

We’re passionate about solving dated design issues, eliminating dysfunctional layouts, and transforming ignored spaces into loved-again ones. From top to bottom, our quality home renovations elevate every corner of your home transforming them into well-integrated, functional, and beautiful living spaces. 

May you feel inspired and see new possibilities for your home in these Before & After images from our past home renovation projects.

Frustrating to Functional Layouts

Areas We Provide Home Renovations In

We proudly offer home renovation services across Toronto and the GTA. Our services areas include:

Questions Our Customers Often Ask About Home Renovations

Here are some of the most common questions we encounter, along with our insights to help you confidently navigate your home renovation journey. If any of your questions are not answered here, feel free to fill out a form or call us directly and we would be happy to assist you.
Beginning a complete home overhaul project can be a daunting experience and requires thoughtful planning and consideration. Here are some key elements to keep in mind:
  1. Goals and Objectives: Ask yourself, do you need help turning your house into your dream home? Have you outgrown your home but moving is not an option? Are you embarrassed to have people over? Determine why you want to renovate your home and focus on improvements that align with your goals.
  2. Budget: Understand and set a realistic budget you’re comfortable with and ensure your renovation team respects your financial limits and has the ability to design and build your space within your budget. 
  3. Deadline: Large-scale home renovations can take several months to complete. It is essential to work with your renovation team to set a realistic project deadline.
  4. Living Arrangements: With large-scale home renovations, you may need to find temporary accommodation while construction is in process. It’s imperative to have a transparent conversation with your home renovation company about the projected timeline so that you can make timely and suitable alternative living arrangements.
  5. Design & Functionality: Gather inspiration and ideas for your dream home. Collaborate with a designer to develop your aesthetic style, while creating a functional layout that optimizes your space.
  6. Material Selection: Work with your renovation company to choose durable materials that suit your design preferences, budget, and long-term needs. Quality materials can significantly impact the value and longevity of your home renovation. 
  7. Professional Guidance: Choose an experienced, reputable company that will guide you through the entire renovation process. A large-scale home renovation involves seamless coordination of multiple roles, ensuring the completion of work within a set schedule, while being held to a high standard. Working with a company that has an in-house team of designers, tradesmen, and project managers can offer a cohesive and streamlined renovation experience.
Choosing the right company and considering these key elements will ensure a successful kitchen remodel. 

The duration of a full home renovation can vary significantly depending on several factors such as the size of the house, the extent of the renovation, and the complexity of the project and design. When determining how long the home remodeling project could take it is essential to factor in the entire timeline, from the initial consultation, to pre-construction, to construction.

On average, a simple full home renovation that does not require a building permit can take 6 to 8 months from the initial consultation to the completion of construction. More extensive renovations requiring structural changes, such as to plumbing systems in bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations, will add to this timeline significantly.

At Sosna, we provide all our clients with a detailed construction schedule that shows what we plan to do every day during construction. Our team adheres to a strict renovation process with your dedicated Project Manager providing daily updates to ensure you are up to date on the renovation and the project stays on track.

When choosing a home renovation company, it is crucial to work with a home renovation company that will provide a realistic timeline and keep you informed on the progress and timeline throughout the renovation process.

The cost of a home renovation can vary significantly depending on the scope of work, the extent of the renovation, and the complexity of the project and design. Interior home renovations usually range between $100 to $300 per square foot. Additions and extensions could increase this range dramatically.

At Sosna, we do not cut corners. We ensure that every room is renovated to the highest standard using only quality materials. detailed design needs to be developed before an accurate quote could be provided. The price we quote you includes every detail of the project and will not increase during your home renovation. That is our promise to you.

It s important to work with an experienced  home renovation company that can help you create a realistic budget that suits your financial constraints while ensuring a successful project outcome.

If the renovation involves structural or layout alterations, or modifications to plumbing or electrical work a permit is likely. Obtaining the necessary permits can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the municipality, complexity and Zoning requirements. 

Our team at Sosna is familiar with permitting requirements within Toronto and the GTA. We understand when one is needed, and can streamline the process of obtaining them for your project.

At Sosna, most of our clients renovate their home so that they can live there comfortably for a long time. Nobody can tell you exactly how to maximize the value of your home. Nobody can tell you who will purchase your home when the day comes. Therefore, we can’t determine the future homebuyer’s  individual priorities, tastes, likes and dislikes. For this reason, we recommend to our clients to focus on what will improve the life of them and their family now, as opposed to focusing on what will make a profit in the far future. However, if you observe current trends maximizing the value of your home through renovation, here are some key tips for your project:
  1. Improve Energy Efficiency: installing energy-efficient appliances, insulation, windows, and solar panels can lower your utility bills and make your home more environmentally friendly. 
  2. Smart Home Features: automated lighting, smart thermostats, or other home automation systems modernize your home and increase functionality and convenience.
  3. Consider Future Needs: renovations like a main floor master suite, wider doorways to accommodate mobility devices, or a walk-in shower can ensure your home continues to be comfortable and accessible as you age.
  4. Personalized Spaces: Create spaces that reflect your interests, hobbies, and style. Remember, this is your home, it should make you happy and resonate with your personal taste and preferences.

Click here for more frequently asked questions and answers written by our team here at Sosna.

We are the renovator you can count on. If this page resonates with you, we should talk. Contact us to begin your home renovation journey with Sosna and let us help you fall back in love with your home.

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