Should I Renovate Or Move?

Should I Renovate or Move? Deciding whether to renovate or move is a big decision with high financial and emotional costs. It’s important to consider all factors involved in each, and come toRead More

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your price guaranteed? Yes! Due to the detailed work and investigation that is completed during the design process, when it is time to prepare your Renovation Agreement, we are able to provideRead More

Budget First, Then Design

Why it’s best to start with a Budget before Designing your Renovation Project. Having to undo hard work For many years, before hiring our first designer, I worked with clients who had hiredRead More

Should a Homeowner Supply Materials?

Many homeowners wonder whether it’s a good idea to supply the materials needed for their renovation project. In our experience, we have found it to be more efficient and cost-effective (not to mentionRead More

Fixed-Price Contracts

Andrei spoke with Mike Holmes about why fixed-price contracts are the way to go! Q: Can we get fixed-price contracts? A: In my opinion it should be.

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29 Questions Homeowners should ask

to avoid common mistakes when selecting a renovator
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