Details! Details! Details!

It took us years to develop the process below that incorporates a delicate balance between the design and budget. 

An army of happy clients have benefited from it since then, having their homes creatively updated and within their budget.

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin

Sosna Design Steps

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To start, we will measure your home using Laser scan technology and prepare a 3D image tour.
You & your Designer will meet for the first time to review and authorize your Preliminary Scope of Work. It is important for the designer to “get inside your head” and to understand your wants and needs before offering any solutions.
With the information you provided, your Designer will prepare Concept sketches of different options. Then, your Designer will brainstorm the feasibility of these options with our Construction Team. Once realistic options are established, Designer will present them to you for you to choose from. The Construction Team then prepares for the Home Inspection, selecting Trade Specialists, to identify possible obstacles and assess how complex it will be to implement your favorite options.

We at Sosna offer a unique opportunity to minimize mistakes and surprises during construction. To achieve this we conduct thorough inspections of your home with the help of our Construction Team:

  • Structural. We will have a Structural Engineer and Master Carpenter examine your existing house structure and recommend possible options if you wish to create an open concept, remove / relocate walls, or make other changes to the house’s structure.
  • Mechanical. During renovations, it is common for air ducts, plumbing, and other mechanical lines in your home to be affected. During the inspection, we will identify all hidden lines that are inside your floors, walls, and ceilings and make a plan to address them. If not addressed properly, renovations can cause more harm than good to your home. Our Plumbing and HVAC experts usually handle this inspection.
  • Specialty. Trades such as Electrical, Roofing, Masonry, Stairs, and Flooring Specialists, to name a few, may be required to inspect at this point, depending on the complexity of your renovation.
What we discover during the Home Inspection may affect your budget or design decisions. Your Designer, Estimator and our Construction Team will review the findings. Based on that Designer may prepare several layout options and how they may affect the budget. This information will help you decide on what option is the best for you and your family. There are few designers as skilled as ours at planning space and creating layouts that are both efficient and aesthetic.
The Designer shows you 3D models and Elevations of your favorite options to help you visualize what your home/space will look like. It will be easier to confirm the space layout once you have budget numbers and an idea of what the end result will look like. Since a Building Permit takes time to obtain, we can offer to apply for the permit even before the design is complete if you would like to start construction sooner rather than later.
Our designers are experts when it comes to Fixtures, materials and products. They know well the advantages and disadvantages of each product and what is of high quality and what is not. Your Designer will educate and guide you in selecting all Fixtures and Finishing materials (FFs). You will be offered to tour our suppliers’ showrooms to select things like tiles & stone slabs, plumbing & light fixtures.
Detail. Detail. Detail. The more details we have the less risk of misunderstanding or mistake during construction. Designer prepares very detailed Drawings that would show all aspects of your renovation and review them thoroughly with you. Designer will explain every aspect and element until you are totally satisfied. Any changes or adjustments are made promptly and accurately. A detailed list of all materials and fixtures is prepared with all necessary information about them, such as manufacturer, specifications, description. You will know exactly what will go into your home! Guessing is not an option.
Estimator compiles accurate, fixed-price quote with a detailed and comprehensive line-by-line Scope of Work. Nothing is missed. No room for potential change orders.
A Renovation Agreement, Quote, & Construction Schedule Approval will be issued to you at the end of the design process so that you know exactly what we will be doing, how much it will cost, and when it will be completed. Our price and deadline do not change during construction!

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