Main Floor Renovation in Scarborough

kitchen remodeling Scarborough

Project Price: $235,000

From Nervous and Anxious to Confident and Comfortable

Leveraging every inch in this 1990’s 3 bedroom, 1 bath split-level home was the desired goal by our clients, a young couple with a teenage daughter. After living with the lack of storage space and how closed off their kitchen was for more than 15 years, they were ready to renovate.

But they were nervous and anxious about the renovation process. This was the first and only home this couple had purchased, and they had heard horror stories about the renovation process.

It was their initial meeting with Andrei that allowed them to relax and feel confident about the renovation process. He’s too humble to admit it, but Andrei really is the reason why so many homeowners quickly trust Sosna to do their renovation.

And then this initial trust is backed up with the real “secret sauce” for successful renovations as they begin to work with our team members.

The Sosna team was really kind and understanding with our anxiety and helped us through the entire process, step by step.”


How we reclaimed more space and minimized the split in this 1990’s split-level

We revised the main floor layout to an open plan by removing the wall that separated the Kitchen from the Living Room. The Kitchen features more storage space with the addition of several tall pantries and a large island for working space. The main Kitchen cabinets are white while the island is painted a light gray to create contrast and black handles and faucets are added for accent. A clean white herringbone backsplash is incorporated along the wall and the white countertop with gray veining ties the whole monotone look together. 


Cramped Kitchen Before Renovation

Open Concept Kitchen


To bring together the three levels in this split-level design, we installed new luxury vinyl flooring throughout along with updated staircases and spindles and new baseboards and trims.

Stairs after Renovation

In the Shared Bathroom, the shower area now features new glass doors and a niche with matching accent tiles on both sides of the wall. The new larger gray transitional prefabricated vanity features black finish accents to match the wall sconces and shower faucets.

Bathroom Renovation

When you’re ready to reclaim every inch of your split-level, we’re the Renovator You Can Count On.

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