Toronto Main Floor Remodel

Project Price: $135,000

The Parentes, a family of 4 with 2 dogs, lived in their downtown home for many years. Their Main Floor was tight and dim with the Kitchen and Dining area closed off, making it difficult to entertain guests. The Kitchen lacked storage and counter space, and the fridge was awkwardly positioned in the Dining Area, making it inaccessible when the dining table was occupied. The hardwood flooring throughout the Main Floor was dated and had unsightly scratches.

During the pre-planning stage, we conducted a thorough investigation of the wall separating the Kitchen and Dining area, allowing us to find a way to demolish it and design an open concept Main Floor with a bigger and brighter Kitchen. Other features of the new kitchen include a wide peninsula for added seating and countertop space plus a cabinet for a coffee station.

During the construction stage, we were faced with an unwelcome surprise with ductworks, but we were able to solve this problem by hiding them behind a cabinet. You wouldn’t even know it because there’s still enough room for storage. New custom-built cabinets using a mix of natural wood and painted doors accented with matte black hardware, quartz stone countertops and glazed handmade-look subway tiles complete the Kitchen.

This family now has a Dining Area with a proper table to enjoy meals as a family. A wall was opened up halfway and a new set of Basement stairs was built, adding to the airiness of the new open concept Main Floor. New porcelain floor tiles unify the Industrial Transitional look of the Main Floor and are durable to withstand wear and tear for many years to come.

The project was finished on time and The Parentes were thrilled that we exceeded what they envisioned. They can now enjoy the forever home they dreamt about – bright, open and comfortable.
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