3 of the Biggest Kitchen Reno Trends of 2024

Is your home outdated? You are most certainly not alone! The great thing about renovations is that, on top of revitalizing your space, they add value to your home. In fact, according to Made in CA, 70% of Canadians believe that renovating large spaces, such as the kitchen, is most likely to add value to their homes. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation in 2024, have a look at three of the biggest kitchen trends projected for this year.

1. Kitchen Sinks That Work as Hard as You Do

The sink is often an underutilized space. For example, say you need to wash and cut up some fruit or vegetables. This means that you need to find a colander, a soaking basin, and a cutting board. But what if these things were already integrated into your sink? Modern, single-basin kitchen sinks can come with these features already installed. With a kitchen sink that works as hard as you do, you’ll have all of these tools and accessories on stand-by ready to go for each and every meal you prepare. Think of the counter space you will save! Other modern amenities you can include in your kitchen renovation include hands free faucets, touchless hand and dish soap dispensers, and more.   

2. Easily Integrated Cooktops

If you haven’t renovated your kitchen in some time, you probably have a range that is a combination of an oven and stovetop. One of the biggest kitchen renovation trends we are seeing is separating the oven from the range, and replacing the gas range with an induction cooktop. These sleek, smart cooktops are seamlessly integrated into the kitchen countertop. They can even be hidden below the countertop so that they’re only visible when in use. Best of all, induction cooktops are better for the environment and are generally safer to use. Their surfaces do not become as hot as other cooktops and most will shut off automatically when pots and pans are removed. Other modern amenities you can include in your kitchen renovation include hands free faucets, touchless hand and dish soap dispensers, and more.

3. Drawers to Hide Appliances

Do you have a large refrigerator? What about a large dishwasher that you only ever fill up halfway? What if there was a better way to incorporate appliances in your kitchen renovation? Luckily, there is! You may not have heard of fridge, microwave, or dishwasher drawers before, but they’re leading the top kitchen trends of 2024. Instead of large, bulky appliances cluttering your kitchen, work with your design team to incorporate these appliances into your kitchen cabinetry. Incorporating appliances into your kitchen cabinets creates a cleaner look and can have other benefits, as well. Empty nesters will appreciate the energy efficiency offered by these smaller appliances. Instead of running a half-empty dishwasher or washing your dishes by hand, your design build reno team can install a couple of sleek dishwasher drawers. Just think about how much water, energy, and space you’ll save!

In Conclusion,

While these are three of the biggest kitchen renovation trends in Toronto and Vaughan, ON this year, there are dozens of other trends to consider for your kitchen as well. Our team at Sonsa is here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Get in touch with us today to get started!