How Can a Reno Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger?

So, How Can a Renovation Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger?

A small bathroom in any home can present a unique challenge, especially if you have a growing family. However, with help from your local design build company in Toronto, ON, your bathroom can be transformed to be more spacious. We want to help you create an oasis that will brighten up your day first thing in the morning. Let’s explore some great tips to help make your small bathroom seem bigger.

Borrow Extra Bathroom Space From Adjacent Rooms and Closets

One way that you can solve for a cramped bathroom is to expand the footprint of the bathroom into adjacent areas that are underutilized. We often use this technique in kitchen renovations, but you can adopt the same approach for a hall or primary bathroom. By borrowing space from the closet in an adjacent area, we can enlarge the bathroom footprint to accommodate features like a spacious enclosed shower stall, and more. With the help of your expert design team you can identify clever ways to create the space you need for the ideal layout in any area of your home.  

Implement Smart Storage in Your Bathroom

We know you don’t want to lose storage in your bathroom, and you don’t have to! By implementing smarter storage solutions, including floating vanities and floating shelves, you can have the same amount of storage, but the room will feel a lot larger. According to Houzz, 76% of homeowners upgrade their vanity cabinets when they renovate their bathroom. With this new and smarter storage, you can ensure all of your toiletries and other essentials are organized.

More than simply adding storage space, you can add storage features that will help to keep your counters from getting cluttered. Consider adding a drawer for your hairdryers and other accessories which require an electric receptacle. The electric receptacles can be built into the drawer allowing the items to remain plugged in for your convenience. 

Docking Drawers

Keep the Colours Light & Bright

With help from an interior designer, you can choose the colours you’d like throughout your home. In your bathroom, these colours can make it feel small or large. It’s ideal to stay away from darker colours as it can make the room feel small and cramped. Embrace light and bright colours, including shades of white or light blues. These colours can reflect light to make the room appear more spacious. Your Sosna designer will help you select complementary colours for the walls, tiles, flooring, as well as cabinetry and countertop.

Install a Glass Shower

Many bathrooms have the tub and shower duo, but this can make the room feel a lot smaller since the tub typically takes up a lot of room. It may be time to invest in a glass shower enclosure. Instead of a barrier with a curtain, you will be able to see every wall since it has glass doors. These will ensure there’s a seamless visual to make the space more open. It will also make the space more modern and safer to use.

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