Bungalow Renovation in East York

Bungalow Renovation

Quality Bungalow Renovation in East York

Project Price:



Olga Sverdlova

Project Manager:

Roman Tchaban


  • Design:
    • 3 Months
    • Start Date:  August 17, 2021
    • Completion Date: November 11, 2021
  • Construction:
    • 5 Months
    • Start Date: February 14, 2022
    • Completion Date: July 12, 2022


Details of Our Recent Bungalow Renovation in East York:

After serving as a rental for some time, this home was ready to be reclaimed by its owner and her son.

Gutting “back to the studs” was an understatement for this one. This transformation involved replanning everything; including the roof, the HVAC system, the entire plumbing system, and relocating the side entrance and staircase to the back of the house. Only the subfloors, the exterior framing structure, and the brick remains from this original 1940’s-built bungalow.

When we’re renovating an old structure, we’re bound to find some surprises. This renovation did not disappoint! We found more than a few, shall we say, potentially catastrophic surprises along the way.

Let’s start with the basement. The homeowner wanted to update the basement and make it a usable living space for her adult son as well as a spa with a sauna for her. This required bringing the 6 foot ceiling height up to code at 7 feet. To do this, we had to re-think the HVAC system that was in the basement ceiling. When we opened up the basement ceiling to remove the HVAC supply and return trunks, we discovered asbestos! The asbestos had to be removed before we could dismantle and remove the HVAC system.

functional basement

For the main floor, when we were replanning the existing 2-bedroom layout to create two master bedrooms each with their own ensuites, we looked at the possibility of removing the main load-bearing wall. But our investigations led to the discovery that the load bearing wall was not lined up with the roof or the basement load points, so the load of the house was not continuous throughout. This was a disaster waiting to happen. And as we found out, this lack of alignment was causing major issues with the roof when we went to replace the shingles. We discovered portions of the roof truss in very poor condition, literally moments away from giving out. These were replaced and other truss components were fortified before we went on to re-shingle the roof and replace all the soffits and eavestroughs.

Once the structural and space planning elements were sorted out, we could turn our focus to helping this homeowner select the finishes she and her son wanted for their new spaces. She wanted white all the way, and he wanted bold colours. You will see these color choices reflected in their private bathrooms as well as in the upper kitchen and living area that she will mostly use, and the basement entertainment area that he will mostly use.

Basement Sauna

To round out the personalization of this made-new-again home, we converted the basement into an entertainment center with a bar for her son, and a sauna and third full with a jacuzzi tub for a spa-like feel for her. Without having to build from scratch, this homeowner got the custom home of her dreams.

For all the pictures from this project, see the Complete transformation for this 1940’s 800 Sq Ft Bungalow! album on our Facebook page.

Kitchen Transformation

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