Transforming Your Attic Into a Functional Retreat

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Functional Space Retreat via Attic Transformation

If your home is older than 50 years, there is a good chance that your roof and attic space was built with rafters, not trusses. This would make attic conversion into a livable space fairly easy.

If your home feels cramped and your attic is currently used as a place to store belongings then you may be interested in turning it into usable space this year. Why let that space go to waste when you can utilize every area of your home? Whether you transform it for a home office, a yoga studio, or as recreational space for the kids, with help from our home renovation company serving Toronto and Vaughan, ON, you can transform your attic into more functional space that your entire family can enjoy. Your attic is truly a blank canvas in which you can create a beautiful retreat. Let’s explore a few of the elements that will need to be incorporated into your renovation.

Accessing the Attic

One of the first hurdles to overcome will be designing access for your attic. From spiral staircases, to pull down stairs, our experienced designers can come up with custom tailored solutions to minimize the impact on the rest of the house.

Add New Lighting

Since most attics only have small windows, it’s important to add adequate lighting. Fortunately, since most attics are largely unfinished spaces, the electrical work you’ll need for additional lighting is fairly easy to design and install. When turning your attic into a functional living area, it’s important that it be nice and bright, no matter how you intend to utilize the space. With innovative lighting design and technology, you can make sure the atmosphere feels warm and welcoming. You might even consider adding  a skylight to invite natural light to the room.

Include Storage Options

An attic reno doesn’t have to remove storage space. Designed effectively, you can also create additional storage options for large items like luggage which aren’t used frequently. Storage can be added under the eaves with cabinets, or included as built-in shelving, even within multipurpose furniture, like benches. Our design build company, is an expert in designing built-in storage solutions that will provide sufficient room to store things and create a comfortable space for other activities. 

Incorporate Wellness

Your attic retreat can be anything you desire. From a small yoga studio to a relaxing at-home reading room, your addition is an opportunity to find a match between your personality and the place you live. Our designers can help you express yourself through the perfect ambiance for the space, incorporating your preferred colour palette into the paint you choose for the walls, your new flooring, and the other materials you select. The lighting design can also reflect your colour preferences by incorporating LED lighting that can paint the room with light in any shade of the rainbow. 

Improve Your Quality of Life With a Home Renovation

According to House Method, 93% of renovation clients reported a better quality of life after finishing their home renovations. Discover how renovating your attic into a high-end retreat can bring a positive change to you and your family’s life. Don’t wait to turn your attic into a space you love by getting in touch with our team at Sosna today to start discussing your project. Whether you already have some ideas or you’re looking for inspiration, a member of our team will be happy to help you decide exactly what you want. We look forward to hearing from you today. With the initial consultation with our team, we can go over everything you’re looking for, and help you understand what’s possible.