Multiple Bathroom Renovation in Etobicoke

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Project Price: $135,000

Double the bathroom trouble in this 1990’s home … solved with this Sosna renovation!

The Mason’s, empty-nesters desiring the peace and ease of retirement, were instead frustrated and exhausted with never-ending leaky bathroom plumbing from a previous renovation.

Their Shared Bathroom, renovated by their friend years ago, was not done correctly, causing repetitive leaking with damage to their Kitchen ceiling below. They had had enough of trying to fix it themselves. To say this couple was leery of hiring another renovator was an understatement.

But they also knew it was time to fix this problem and decided to update their Master Bathroom while they were at it.

Our initial plan included minimal demolition by re-organizing the walls between the 2 Bathrooms and keeping the existing plumbing rough-ins in place, while updating the fixtures.

However, unwelcome surprises are sometimes inevitable in renovations. Even though we conducted a thorough investigation during the planning stage, we were faced with plumbing in the Shared Bathroom that was not done correctly and may even have been illegal.

Because of this, relocating the rough-ins in the Shared Bathroom were necessary after all, which then meant re-planning the walls in between the 2 Bathrooms again.

These are exactly the kinds of problems we love to solve. Why? Because we know that we’re not just fixing the physical problems that can be seen; we know we are also restoring this family’s faith in quality craftsmanship and good service, and that it’s possible to enjoy the renovation process.

This is why we don’t vary from our tried and true Renovating the Sosna Way.
Because it works. For everyone.

Bathroom Before and After

For the Masons, we ended up renovating two bathrooms and completing a number of smaller projects that were causing them great pain to find a renovator for.

At the end of the day, we have another happy client. The Masons have two new bathrooms that better fit their life stage and style, and their “Honey-Do” list is empty! Want to hear directly from these happy clients? Click Here!

When you and your home are ready for an upgrade, we’re the Renovator You Can Count On. It’s our promise. Contact us to get started!

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