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Sosna Client Letter M Reynolds

This is a copy of an email Andrei received recently about one of our clients’ experiences with the Sosna Team. We can say all the right things about ourselves that we want, but THE ONLY VOICE THAT REALLY MATTERS IS THE VOICE OF OUR CLIENTS.

 Hi Andrei,

 I wanted to pass along some thoughts about your service and more importantly your team.

The process:
We really enjoyed the process that your firm created. From the beginning, you and your team did a great job asking us the relevant questions and understanding what our goals were. From there, the contracting process really made it clear who was doing what and what was expected of each party. This adds so much value as it creates clear lines of responsibility and communication.

Your team:
Your group really worked well within themselves to create a clean, safe and respectful environment for a family with kids to be in while the renovations were ongoing. When problems would come up, I could hear and see them working together to get the problem fixed in the best way possible (You knew there was a problem when Roman showed up). Deliveries, materials, coordination…all of it was super well done.

Individual mentions:

  Olga: Olga did an outstanding job trying to understand what we wanted and what the main design challenges were. When she brought back the first design draft with her idea for the bath/shower glass wall, we were blown away. She really understood what we wanted and she completely ran with the ideas and came back with a wonderful selection of products and colors. A highlight of our interaction was when she found a similar tile for the shower at a lower cost as prices rose between design and purchase. It’s a small gesture, but it shows she’s paying attention to all the relevant factors. Her follow up with the various groups to get her idea executed was much appreciated. We remain to this day very impressed with her attention to detail. Neighbours absolutely love her picks.

  Leo: Poor Leo. We can’t thank him enough for having to manage the sub trades but more importantly the inspectors. His realistic approach to construction allowed us to save a lot of money and frustration by pushing back on the inspector’s recommendations while soliciting their alternative ideas to pass the inspection.

–  Dimitriy (Dima): Where to start with Dima. He was always on time, always polite and always left the workplace clean at the end of the day. More importantly, he was friendly and the kids became very comfortable with him being around. He took great care in his approach to details, I will never look at drywall and baseboard the same ever again. I don’t really know what else to say about Dima, the quality of his work speaks for itself, his ability to manage a site is superb and his ability to work while the family was around was outstanding. He truly deserves all the praise I can find for him. I would even go to the point of calling him a friend. I will miss our morning coffees together.

All the best to you and your team.

We are humbled to know that we are making these kinds of differences in our clients’ lives while we are transforming their homes.  This is why we do what we do. And why we make sure up front that we are going to be a good fit with our clients before we agree to work with them.

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