Does Renovating in Phases Make Sense?

Phased Renovations

Phased Construction Project: Advantages & Disadvantages


What is a Phased Construction Project?

A phased construction project is when a large project is divided into smaller projects being completed one at a time, instead of tackling the entire project all at once.

Although it seems logical, more cost-effective, and less stressful to renovate a home in stages, the opposite tends to be true concerning both cost and time.

The Disadvantages of a Phased Renovation Project: 

Estimating the cost of a renovation project is a very difficult task. Estimating the costs of a renovation completed in phases is even more difficult, and the total costs in the end are likely to end up much higher than originally estimated. There is much more room for error and cost creeps during a phased renovation for the following reasons:

Increased Labour Costs: 

When you renovate a home in phases, each phase will require its own planning and coordination amongst the designers, contractors, and workers. This results in more meetings and site visits than a project planned and coordinated in one phase.

Material Costs:

When a project is completed in